In the project Lipid unsaturation degree in perivascular adipose tissue – a new biomarker of vascular wall inflammation? Raman studies of murine caridovascular models and primary isolated adipocytes (National Science Centre 2019/ 33/B/ST4/00878, 1 766 880 PLN) we undertake investigation of perivascular adipose tissue (pVAT), the tissue that surrounds all blood vessels except cerebral ones. It is now known that this tissue not only creates the structural support of the blood vessels, but is shows high endocrine activity and secretes many compounds that regulate the function of the cardiovascular system. In addition, numerous studies have shown that the activity and structure of pVAT changes in the event of developing cardiovascular disease, and its changes are strongly dependent on pVAT deposit, i.e. depending on the location of the vessel functionally and morphologically may resemble BAT, WAT and beige adipose tissue. To date, however, the chemical changes that pVAT undergoes in cardiovascular pathologies have not been studied. The objectives of the project, i.e. determining pVAT chemical changes in cardiovascular disease, as well as their correlation with changes in the deeper layers of the blood vessel, parameters of cardiovascular risk and inflammation may lead to finding new markers of the cardiovascular pathologies.