Polish-Portuguese research project!

We are happy to announce that based on the recommendation of the Polish-Portuguese joint project selection committee, NAWA Director decided to finance our project in the collaboration with Professor Igor Reva and members of the Computing and Materials (CeM) Group in Chemical Process Engineering and Forest Products Research Centre at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Thanks to the combination of the experience of two research groups, we will investigate the molecular structure and organization of selected chiral biomolecules, in particular chiral drugs, in model membranes (liposomes) in the project entitled “Organization, chiral recognition and chiral selection in drug-liposome systems studied via chiroptical spectroscopy and molecular modeling”.  As a part of the project, each member will visit the Partner’s lab this year during the short internships to learn the practical application of the research, experimental and computational methods.

More information is available on the main website of the Jagiellonian University (here)