Our paper in Progress in Lipid Research accepted! IF=14.673 and MNiSW=200

We are happy to inform that our review “Raman studies of the adipose tissue: Current state-of-art and future perspectives in diagnostics” has been published in Progress of Lipid Research (IF=14.673 and 200 ministerial points). 

The review highlights the potential applications of novel Raman spectroscopy and microscopy methods as analytical techniques for studying adipose tissue in a wide spectrum of biomedical and clinical contexts. We compare conventional analytical methods with modern techniques based on Raman spectroscopy to identify and quantify adipose tissue. The work critically and comprehensively analyzes the applicability of novel Raman-based techniques in the study of adipose tissue, particularly for perivascular adipose tissue analysis. The idea of the authors was to popularize modern Raman techniques as an exciting alternative to molecular biology methods in the study of adipose tissue.

Due to the currently hot and interesting topic, the work was published on the main website of the Jagiellonian University (here)

The paper is available here