Our paper in ChemComm accepted! IF=6.065 and MNiSW=200

We are happy to inform that our paper “Formation of carotenoid supramolecular aggregates in nanocarriers monitored via aggregation-sensitive chiroptical output of enantiopure (3S,30S)-astaxanthin” has been published in Chemical communication (IF=6.065 and 200 ministerial points). 

This work involved the analysis of the processes of the formation of carotenoid aggregates in Pluronic F-127 nanoparticles, which were then delivered to primary murine adipocytes. The analysis of the ECD and ROA signals, sensitive to the aggregation process, derived from enantiopure (3S, 3S)-astaxanthin enabled to establish that inside the nanoparticles J-type aggregates of astaxanthin are formed, which initially coexist with kinetically stabilized H1-type aggregates, reorganizing over time into J-type systems. Nanoparticles containing astaxanthin in J-aggregates provide a controlled release of carotenoid molecules into primary murine adipocytes.

The study demonstrated that monitoring of the aggregation processes of active compounds, with the use of a chiroptical signal, and their encapsulation in nanoparticles may in the future be used to analyze the aggregation of other active compounds, and may also be used to create nanoparticles of assumed sizes.

The paper is available here