New research projects funded under the Initiative of Excellence – Research University

We are happy to announce that Natalia and Joanna received the funding from Research Support Module for Ph.D. students within the “Initiative of Excellence – Research University” (ID.UJ).

Natalia will perform experiments in the project: “Study of the prefibrillar states of amyloids using chiroptical methods. Budget: 17 500 zł.

Amyloid fibrils are formed when a protein does not reach its native state, and a large number of β-sheet domains are created, which promote self-assembly into incorrectly folded supramolecular systems. They are insoluble in water and, unlike other fibrous proteins, they do not play a structural role and are associated with pathologies – amyloidoses i.e. Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Protein aggregation and association into amyloid fibers occur under the influence of many environmental factors and it seems important to understand how modifications at the beginning of the formation of amyloid fibrils influence their structural and morphological properties. Therefore, the main aim of the project is to analyze prefibrillar amyloid states.

Joanna will realize the project entitled “Proteins as effective carriers enabling the transport of carotenoids into adipocytes”. Budget: 18 000 zł.

Nowadays, obesity and overweight are very important health problems. The inflammation of adipose tissue observed in this disease leads to the development of cardiovascular diseases. A group of compounds that can potentially be used to treat obesity due to their anti-inflammatory properties are naturally occurring carotenoids. Carotenoids are hydrophobic compounds, therefore it is necessary to combine them with a carrier enabling their transport in the hydrophilic environment of the blood. The aim of the research is to search for carriers allowing the effective transport of carotenoids into the adipocytes that build adipose tissue.