Another research project funded under the Initiative of Excellence – Research University

We are happy to announce that Aleksandra O. received funding from the Research Support Module for Ph.D. students within the “Initiative of Excellence – Research University” (ID.UJ).

Aleksandra will perform experiments in the project: “Investigation of aggregation of fat-browning compounds in non-chiral and chiral micelles“. Budget: 18 000 zł.

The aim of the project is to design and test nanocarrier-drug systems that will enable the delivery of non-polar active compounds to adipocytes. The project assumes to characterize methods using chiraloptic spectroscopy techniques, in particular Raman Optical Activity (ROA). In addition, the investigation is carried out to analyze how the choice of nanocarrier, chiral or achiral, affects the aggregation of active compounds and the efficiency of their transport to the adipocytes. Testing a number of medicines will allow identifying systems that can be effectively delivered to fat cells. In a perspective of further research, it will allow the selection of the best candidates for a potential anti-obesity drug and thus, contribute to the development of new, efficient ways to fight this lifestyle disease.